Application Portfolio Assessment

Understanding your application portfolio is a vital first step in migrating to cloud. 

Application sprawl is a common challenge for businesses. It is difficult to make sensible decisions about moving to cloud without understanding what apps your users need, and how cloud-ready they are. Our service is designed to assess your portfolio and identify your options for migrating to cloud.



Our consultants work with your key users and IT function to understand the extent of your Application Portfolio, using a mixture of tools and online questionnaires to understand your estate. Our discovery service is not just technical, we engage with your business users to understand how they use their applications.



We follow a standard 'passporting' process for applications, ensuring we gather the right information consistently. This includes app users, application architecture, system interfaces and integration, authentication methods, vendor support and published migration paths. Our consultants analyse this information to present you with options to migrate to cloud.

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Migration Report

The output of the portfolio assessment is a detailed 'passport' view of each of your business applications, with migration recommendations for each. This report can be used to identify suitable cloud platforms and services in order to undertake a seamless cloud migration.

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