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Security without complexity: helping you protect your business, while remaining open for business.

Our cybersecurity services are designed to help you understand what vulnerabilities you have, how they can be exploited and whether your business is being compromised. Our services are designed to make cyber security understandable, and to apply your business context to raw results. 

Our Services

Cyber Footprint Assessment

Your business is on the internet. What vulnerabilities can a cyber criminal identify without setting foot on your premises.

Vulnerability Assessment

An assessment of your internal networked systems, to identify potential vulnerabilities and methods of exploitation.

Penetration Testing

A managed attempt to exploit public facing IT systems in order to meet compliance and to drive IT security best practice in your organisation.

Threat Detection

A managed service using machine learning and AI to identify whether your network or data has been compromised.

Web Application Scanning

Discover and identify security loopholes in your Web-based applications to prevent would-be cyber-criminals from gaining unauthorized access to corporate information and data.