Cyber Footprints


Today we've launched our Cyber Footprint Assessment service, which is designed to identify what potential cyber-criminals can work out about your systems without ever setting foot in your premises.

Based on a recent engagement, we use Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools and methods to build a picture of your IT systems. Most importantly we do this from a position of only knowing your company name and nothing else.

The service is designed to raise awareness of potential vulnerabilities. Your business almost certainly has IT systems that are accessible from the internet. It will also be registered in various public and open source databases. After all, your business is there to be found and your products purchased!

As those systems have evolved they would have left footprints. We use historical and current records to try and build up a picture of your published IT services, and also potential ways to exploit them.


If your website is your front door, think of your published IT services as your windows, side gates, back door. They all serve a purpose, they just need to be secured appropriately. The big difference is that those entry points can often be identified, and tested, from afar.

For one organisation, we were able to use current and historical records to build up not only a list of exploitable technology, but also usernames, credentials and username formats. Through careful analysis we were able to demonstrate how we would potentially compromise their IT systems without ever being in their building.

While for an IT team, the results should be just verifying what they already know, for execs and management this service is a very good way of showing just why vulnerability assessments and penetration tests are so important. 

So if you want to raise awareness of cyber security challenges and vulnerabilities, why not see what we can tell you about your IT systems? Either buy an assessment online, or contact us today to book your Cyber Footprint Assessment.