Office 365 Enablement

Ensure you are getting the most out of your Office 365 subscription.

SaaS-sprawl is common in SMEs. We can help you save up to 40% on productivity license costs by ensuring you are making the most out of Office 365 and not paying for the same functionality elsewhere.  

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Email, file sharing, collaboration, conferencing: these are all services that businesses often have multiple providers for. We map out what you use for a range of common services, that can be provided by Office 365.

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Cost Analysis

Our consultants are experienced in a range of SaaS productivity tools. Whether using Dropbox for storage, Slack for collaboration, G Suite for email, or other products, we will analyse your costs compared to Office 365 and produce a report showing how you Office 365 could save you money.


Training & Migration

When it comes to consolidation of services, migrating data and training users is vital. We can plan out the migration approach, using various tool sets to help you achieve a seamless transition. Our consultants are also able to provide end-user training and advice to your business users to ensure uptake and drive adoption.

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