Penetration Testing

Test your security posture before cyber criminals do

Penetration testing is the actual attempt to compromise your network or system through the exploitation of an open port. Our penetration testing services are designed to assess the complexity and likelihood of compromise for systems that must be externally facing, and to identify what information is at risk. 



Our consultants assess your public-facing IP addresses, to identify what applications or services they run, and how they could be vulnerable.

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Once vulnerabilities are identified, we attempt to exploit them. This assess the complexity of the potential exploit, and helps to identify what information could be at risk. 

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We prepare a full report on what vulnerabilities were identified, how they could be exploited, and any business information that could be gathered. 


Why Buy?

To answer the questions: how easy would it be for an attacker to get unauthorised access to our computer networks? Are the security controls we have in place working together, providing the level of security we expected? How safe are we from malicious attempts to compromise our IT systems and data? Should we be looking to enhance or improve our IT security?

What Does The Test Involve?

  • We agree a time window to perform the tests that will be non-business impacting
  • Our consultants scan your public facing IP addresses for services and vulnerabilities
  • We use a range of penetration testing tools and methods to attempt to gain access to your systems
  • We record any vulnerabilities, access or information gathered
  • We provide a report identifying vulnerabilities, documenting any information gathered and methods utilised to gain access

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