Secure Infrastructure Services

For when only on-premise is suitable

Our clients operate in environments where only physical on-premise, secure infrastructure networks are suitable. Our secure infrastructure services include the design, build and configuration of infrastructure from empty shell to running data centre. Our delivery consultants are experienced in operating in the most challenging locations and environments around the globe, and have the appropriate level of security clearance and broad skills required.

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Designing a secure infrastructure environment for challenging locations involves more than just technical expertise. Our consultants are experienced in designing solutions where physical security is paramount, and remote access impossible.  

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Building for a secure environment means that operational security needs to be maintained from the outset. Ensure your environment is built and configured with appropriately cleared staff and with robust processes for handling critical assets.



Deployment of hardware in challenging locations means having the confidence in a partner to get the job done. Our consultants are broadly skilled, flexible and situationally aware to be able to give you the confidence of delivery when in hard to reach or difficult environments.

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