Introduction to Cloud Workshop

Introduction to Cloud Workshop


Helping you make the right Cloud decisions for your business.

Our Introduction to Cloud Workshop is designed to help you understand how your business can make the most out of cloud. Our consultant works with you to understand your business model and operations, and provide vendor-agnostic advice on how cloud solutions and services could drive business value for you.

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Our Introduction to Cloud workshop is designed to help you make the right decisions around cloud for your business.

This consultant-led engagement involves our experts working with you to understand how your business operates, explaining cloud in straightforward terms, answering any questions you may have, and showing how cloud technologies could increase your agility, reduce costs or improve operations.

We look at what your options are, how you migrate workloads, and how your business would benefit from cloud.

Why Buy?

If you are unsure of what cloud technology is, or how it would relate to your business then this workshop is for you. Rather than just a set of facts and statistics, our workshops are designed to be based around your business and your growth plans. 

What Does The Workshop Involve?

  • We work with you to understand your business, and your current use of technology
  • We drill in to technology pain points, and areas for growth
  • We look at industry trends involving technology and how they could be relevant to your business
  • Our experts talk through cloud technologies, benefits and drawbacks
  • We apply different cloud solutions to your particular challenges to piece together an initial cloud strategy roadmap

Why Us?

Bright Nine Ltd have cloud expertise covering public, private and hybrid cloud. Our team have been implementing cloud solutions for 10 years and understand the pros and cons of moving your business operations to cloud technology. Our consultants are focussed on helping your business move forward, rather than technology for technology's sake. 


  • Consultant travel expenses are not included in the price.

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