Cyber Footprint Assessment

Cyber Footprint Assessment


Your business is on the internet. What systems and vulnerabilities can cyber criminals identify without setting foot on your premises?

Our Cyber Footprint Assessment identifies what information on your business IT systems is available on the internet, that could be used to compromise your business.

This assessment can be used to help meet the requirements of the PCI DSS and ISO 27001.

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Our Cyber Footprint Assessment is designed to help you understand what information on your business IT systems is available on the internet, and how that information could be used to compromise your business.

This remote engagement combines data mining, link analysis, social media discover and historical internet record matching, to identify what IT assets your business has, and any potential vulnerabilities.

Why Buy?

As your business has evolved on the internet, the cyber footprint left by your IT systems will have grown. While your digital footprint helps quantify your businesses activity on the internet, our Cyber OSINT Assessment is designed to highlight what system information exists that could be the first step in a cyber criminal exploiting your network. 

What Does The Assessment Involve?

  • Starting with just your business name, our experts use public records, historical data and data-mining tools to piece together your cyber footprint
  • Records are compared and correlated to help build a picture of your IT systems
  • We attempt to identify potential entry points to your network
  • Our experts document what IT systems we believe you have and any potential user credentials identified
  • A detailed audit report is provided, alongside an Exec-level summary explaining the risks within the context of your business

Why Us?

Bright Nine Ltd have consultants with both expertise in open-source intelligence (OSINT) gathering, as well as broad IT infrastructure and system knowledge to understand the results.


  • This is a remote service. Consultant travel expenses are not included in the price.
  • On-site presentation of report findings can be provided at an additional cost.
  • The price is based on a single, time-limited assessment, the results are based on what can be identified within that time.

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