Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

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Identify your internal system vulnerabilities before cyber criminals do.

Our vulnerability assessment evaluates the devices connected to your internal IT network, to help to identify where your weak points are. In addition, we evaluate your IT entry points, to put the results into your business context.

This assessment can be used to help meet the requirements of the PCI DSS and ISO 27001.

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Our vulnerability assessment is designed to help you identify and fix potential vulnerabilities in your internal IT networks.

We also evaluate the potential entry points to your network, to put exploitation risk in context.

This consultant-led engagement combines device discovery scanning, alongside a workshop Q&A to ensure that results are put into your business context.

Why Buy?

As your business grows its reliance on technology, so do the number of potential vulnerabilities. Awareness of potential vulnerabilities is the first step in minimising the risk of disruption from cyber criminals. Our experts work with you to identify potential vulnerabilities and to assess the ability for cyber criminals to exploit them, and to cause business disruption or loss.

What Does The Assessment Involve?

  • Our consultants gather details of your network environments to set up the scope of the assessment
  • An assessment day is booked where we visit your site to scan your devices
  • During the scan, we work with you to understand your network entry points and business context
  • Results are analysed and processed and put into context
  • A detailed audit report is provided, alongside an Exec-level summary explaining the risks within the context of your business

Why Us?

Our consultants have with both expertise in vulnerability scanning, detection and exploitation, as well as the broad IT infrastructure and system knowledge to apply context to the results.

Rather than just supplying the raw results, we apply real-world experience and knowledge of your business to put the results in context and to recommend next steps.


  • The price is based on the number of networked devices identified in the discovery scan.
  • Consultant travel expenses are not included in the price.
  • On-site presentation of report findings can be provided at an additional cost.

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