Web Application Scan

Web Application Scan


Ensure your public and internal web applications are secure by scanning them for vulnerabilities.

Our Web Application Scanning (WAS) service enables agencies and businesses to assess, track and remediate web application vulnerabilities.

This service can be used to help meet the requirements of the PCI DSS and ISO 27001.

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Our Web Application Scanning service is designed to ensure your web applications are free from vulnerabilities that can be exploited to compromise your business or data. 

Key Features

  • Your web applications are crawled and scanned for vulnerabilities
  • Supports common authentication schemes
  • Supports scanning HTML web applications with JavaScript and embedded Flash
  • Comprehensive detection of custom web application vulnerabilities including OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities
  • Differentiates exploitable fault-injection problems from simple information disclosure
  • Configures scanning performance with customisable performance level

Why Buy?

By design, Web applications are publicly available on the Internet, 24/7/365. They provide cyber-criminals with easy access and unlimited attempts to hack applications that may have code-vulnerabilities. The impact could range from compromised customer or personal data, to brand reputational damage.

Internal web applications are potential weak points for credential and confidential data capture. Our Web Application Scanning service can identify exploitable code for both public-facing and internal web apps.

What Does The Scan Involve?

  • We agree a time window to perform the scan that will be non-business impacting
  • Our online tool crawls your web application for code vulnerabilities during the window
  • We generate a report of identified web application vulnerabilities
  • We provide recommended security coding practice and configurations to protect your web assets


  • This is a remote service for external websites. If onsite scans are required, please contact us.
  • The price is applicable for a single web application and database with up to 100 web pages. A regular managed service, or bulk pricing is available.
  • The site will be scanned as an unauthenticated user. Contact us if your site requires authentication.
  • As on-site presentation of findings can be provided at an additional cost.

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